Wine Club

Each month, Emily and the staff select 3 special wines that you are sure to enjoy. All picks come with tasting notes and dinner suggestions. Though the wines may be purchased separately, members receive a substantial discount on their package every month. Wine club consists of the three wine picks and one of our gourmet food items for $50 (the cost separately is $50-65). If you are a member, you'll also get the first peek at special items here in the store, and a guarantee that you'll receive the 3 wines each month (sometimes they do run out!). Please ask us if you'd like more information or to join--it's the best deal in town!

What should I expect?
Generally, two reds and a white; You will tend to see heavier wines in cold weather and lighter wine (and food items) in the summer months. The recipes created are simple to prepare and wine-friendly, and the food items alternate between readily consumable items and quality ingredients to stock your pantry.

What discounts do I receive?
The three wines and food item and marked down 10 to 33 percent, for starters! The feature wine is also at a discounted price, which is usually 20 to 30 percent; case discounts apply to features as well.  And they get an extra discount on every case bought at Shiraz.

Are there other perks for wine club?
Lots! Monthly perks may include early admission or a lower price for events; first notice of all limited selections; even extra, non-published, discounts. Simply put, our wine club receives a special perk whenever we can possibly give them one.  Club members also can participate in our monthly $5 tasting for free.

Are there any hidden charges?
Not at all--tax is the only thing added to the club. There is no membership fee, no contract for a year, or any other costs for joining. All additional purchases, including the feature wine, are optional. On the other hand, RSVPs for events and special orders are easier to make within the club.

When are the wines ready to pick up?
The wines are ready to pick up on the first of
every month to give you time to enjoy your wines of that month; however, there is no set pick-up date, so you may get them at your own convenience.

What about the premier cru?
This is an optional $25 upgrade for club members who want to get even more for an extra fee, they get a more expensive, more allocated red wine (usually 20-40% off) and even more discounts.

How do you choose the wines?
Tasted on their own merit with no knowledge of price or ratings; then chosen based on style, value, and food pairing capability. We seek out unique wines that you would not find everywhere, and that you might not pick up yourself without a suggestion. The club is meant to help you explore and have fun.

How does it all come together?
One of the things that makes the club work is the taster, writer, and cook are all one and the same. Visits to wineries, meetings with importers, tastings with suppliers, and trade shows are all a part of how Emily collects the notes to decide what to order. Then the calendar is composed by juggling availability of special bottles with when we predict they will make a good fit.


CHEESE CLUB!  Each month, we select a couple of our favorite creameries and pick a couple great cheeses from them. Members will receive 3-5 cheeses, an accoutrement that works well with them, and a cracker to make your cheese board complete. Cheese club is only $50 per month. There is no signup fee and no contract And just like wine club, you can pick up at your convenience any time after the first of the month!

Cheese club is a great way to start enjoying new kinds of cheese, and is also for the experienced foodie to enjoy seasonals from some local and/ or obscure makers. The styles will vary every month and even within the month to showcase all types. Included will be every kind of milk, and a lot of things we special order that are not normally available anywhere. See us to sign up.